Welcome to Blooming Virtual Academy!

Hi! I’m Teacher Jackie! As you can see my classroom is ‘Blooming’ with Flowers. My last name ‘Flores’ means flowers in Spanish and it brings me joy to help little ones bloom in the classroom.

I am a mom of two little ones and have spent 14 years in the classroom and it has been my life passion to teach. I graduated from a four-year university and have a Bachelor of Science with a double major in Childhood Education and Spanish. I also received my Master’s in Bilingual Education. I have also worked for a University helping future teachers working to fulfill the requirements of the Teaching English as a Second Language certification.

I received certification in Special Education Grades 1-6 from SUNY Geneseo. During my career, I had the opportunity to work in classrooms with special education students of various abilities.  In my classroom, my special education students were integrated and it was my mission to provide them with every support they would need to succeed.

I also made it my priority to provide instruction that met their needs as individuals using various differentiated instructional techniques and their personal interests to engage them in learning. This allowed their confidence to grow and for them to feel happy and confident in the classroom. I strive to provide this environment, encouragement, and opportunities for my students in my virtual classroom.

My newest role as a homeschool mother has given me the opportunity to bring my passion for teaching into the homes of little ones worldwide.

My classroom mission is to create a classroom environment that is fun, creative, engaging, and entertaining for young learners. I teach Spanish and academic lessons that will focus on engaging our learners while providing a safe virtual space where kids can interact, be creative, and focus on hands-on learning. I believe in teamwork- together we can help our young learners love learning through topics they love.

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Professional Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Science with a double major in Childhood Education and Spanish
  • Master’s in Bilingual Education
  • Certified in Special Education Grades 1-6
  • Class are integrated and inclusive to fulfill our mission to provide every student regardless of level with what they need to succeed.
  • Experienced in using various differentiated instructional techniques
  • Every classroom environment in built to boost our students confidence, happiness and learning opportunities.