Butterfly Club

Are you OBSESSED with butterflies? Same here, we have successfully raised and release over 230 monarch and counting. We have loved this journey and would love to share this with you 🙂 

In this special club we will have a special butterfly cam in our cage to see any adorable caterpillars, eggs or even monarchs. We never know what we will see. We will learn about monarch raising but will also learn about the other butterflies that flutter the world. 

Come with me for this special summer club.

Pages will be send for kids to record and draw the butterfly of the day. This is optional but does give an extra summer writing practice for the kids. 

Age group 6-10 

Class will meet on Monday:

Week 1 –Monday, June 24th at 11am EST 

Week 2 – Monday, July 1st at 11am EST 

Week 3 – Monday, July 8th at 11am EST 

Week 4 – Monday, July 15th at 11am EST 

Week 5 – Monday, July 22th at 11am EST 

Week 6 – Monday, July 29th at 11am EST 



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