Jewelry Making Club

Are you ready to learn how to make earings? 

This special class is just for you, creating earings was one of my favorite hobbies and now I am excited to have a chance to have this special relaxed hang out with you. This course will help you learn the jewlery tools, jump rings and your imagination to create fun jewlery for you and your friends! 

Please note you may use any beads you have at home but the goal is to teach the kids to use the jewlery tools and this will require a couple materials I will link via amazon. 

I am excited to have you join this fun class! 


Grab tools here!

Grab your earing kit here!

Class will kick off June 25th at 2pm EST

Week 1 – Tuesday, June 25th at 2PM EST 

Week 2 – Tuesday, July 2nd at 2PM EST 

Week 3 – Tuesday, July 9th at 2PM EST 

Week 4 – Tuesday, July 16th at 2PM EST 

Week 5 – Tuesday, July 25th at 2PM EST 

Week 6 – Tuesday, July 30th at 2PM EST 


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