Level 2 Math Ongoing – 5pm EST – Thursday

Welcome to level 2 ongoing math! After teaching public school2nd grade for 8 years and transitioning to homeschooling my two, I have created a special program for homeschoolers that provides them with math practice with a twist. This ongoing course will run from September to May. In this ongoing course we will dive into 3 digit numbers, multiplication, subtraction, story problems and so much more. Each class will have a special theme and many will intergate science and reading. Special themes include animals, mario and so much more!

This interactive course will solidify foundational math skills for your learners. 

This course will begin September 21st and will meet every Thursday at 5pm EST 

Math pages will be provided in Session bundles under the curriculums tab – if you continue for session 2 we will invoice you for class continuation. 

Join us as we bloom in our virtual classroom! 

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